Gentle Infant Sleep Coaching

Helping families achieve more sleep through researched techniques and methods with a holistic approach.


Do you want to teach your baby to self soothe so that she/he can achieve better sleep?

As a qualified Infant Sleep Consultant / Sleep Trainer in Hong Kong, I help families locally and all over the world with their sleep challenges. I am also an Adult Sleep Coach and specialise in patients with Insomnia. Please refer to The Sleep Coach Hong Kong for further detail.

Sleep deprivation is something that I can personally relate to as I was once the mother to a baby who woke every 45 minutes!

I would highly recommend Gemma! Her method was tailored to my baby’s needs and his age. I saw results/differences within days and she was always available if I had questions or concerns

Susy Lee

I have studied sleep disordersbehavioural psychologyscience of sleep as well as sleep solutions to help our little ones to sleep better. My expertise and qualifications specialise in helping infants aged between 0 -6 years old. Specifically, I can help you and your family with:

  • Self settling and sleep associations
  • Naps (this includes short naps and napping in own cot)
  • Ditching the dummy
  • Night time weaning (dropping feeds)
  • Preventing overtiredness
  • Cot climbers
  • Teaching child to sleep and stay in their own bed
  • Sleep hygiene and safety
  • Parasomnias (such as night terrors, sleep walking, confusional arousals) 

If you have any concerns or if you are currently a sleep deprived parent yourself, please contact me via email, WhatsApp or using the contact form below.